PokerStars launches new sports-betting arm

Safe to say that things move at a fairly quick pace in the world of online gambling, with the latest news seemingly going from rumour to concrete fact in no time at all. PokerStars, one of the world’s leading poker sights, is set to open up a sports betting arm to UK based players.

Having established a reputation for quality in the world of online poker and online casino gaming, it is no surprise to see PokerStars attempt to crack the world of sports betting. The brand new sports betting platform, which utilises the popular PokerStars 7 in-house client, is opening with a wide market selection that includes tennis, football, rugby union, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, and even handball. While they promise that new markets are on the horizon. The platform will be available across all PokerStars account types including desktop, mobile device, iOS, and Android app. Speaking on the new sportsbook launch from PokerStars PokerNews UK’s Matthew Pitt said “PokerStars is entering a tough market and one that can be particularly unforgiving” and “from what I’ve seen the odds they offer do standup to that of the major online bookmakers”. Looking at that in more detail, when the UEFA Champions League Final aired back in May 2015, PokerStars had Barcelona to win at 1.60, which is the exact same odds offered by both UniBet and Tonybet Sports, two dedicated sports betting websites. This shows that PokerStars are putting a foundation in place that can help them rival the major names.

The brand new platform was launched in beta form back in late March, which is why PokerStars celebrated in a big way when the first bet was placed. The beta phase was addressed in parent company Amaya’s operational highlights in April, the same time in which the company promoted their new record financials. Given current projections the full-rollout for PokerStars sports betting arm will occur in late 2015. Speaking on the new development in the document, Amaya stated. “We feel that the beta release of PokerStars sports betting offering was a major success, which is why we feel that it is ready for release on both our PS7 client and the web platform later this year”. Furthering that, “We also have plans in place to bring the sports betting arm of the business to mobile platforms during 2015”. Company CEO David Baazov believes that with the launch of the sportsbook operation it will allow the company to take its customer base to new heights, “We have already worked to launched new online casino games in the past twelve months, now we couldn’t be more excited about welcoming in sports betting players to the PokerStars fold”.

The arrival of PokerStars sports betting arm isn’t the only big news for the UK based online gambling company. On June 8th PokerStars parent company made their long-awaited arrival on the NASDAQ. Baazov has spoke on the move by saying. “Our NASDAQ listing represents a major step forward for Amaya and all related brands. It is progress and it is progress that we are happy to shout about”. Amaya’s arrival on the NASDAQ has come at a time in which they are looking to expand the company through the purchase of struggling online gambling firm Bwin.Party.

PokerStars has become a leading name in the world of online casino gambling and now they are taking the brave step of moving into the world of online sports betting. What the move represents is progress and when you partner it up with their NASDAQ arrival, it is clear that there are exciting times ahead for PokerStars players.

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