Live Betting

The world of sports betting is one of excitement. Sporting action is taking place around the world day and night, with each event providing plenty of betting opportunities. The problem is that for all this action, punters are still always on the look out for something new. Much like a spoiled child, what’s on offer is never enough, which is why the industry has been forced to push forward with developing new ways to bet. The latest way of betting that has emerged from the online betting industry is live betting (also known as in-play betting). It is considered the fastest growing betting medium in the world and for good reason. It brings punters closer to the action than they have ever been before. In this article we will look at live betting in more detail, discussing the ins and outs of the market, and why it has become so popular.

What is live betting?

Live betting (also listed at in-play betting) allows people to place bets on a sporting event while the event is in progress, hence the term ‘live’. It means that punters can make short-term bets off the cuff and alter their betting strategies during a game. What live betting does is add a different dimension to a betting market, as it allows for increased freedom and the chance to make quick money. It can in many ways be compared to day trading within the world of stocks and shares. For example, you can make small profits from in game events over the course of a 90-minute football match, but 90 minutes is the limited time frame you have to do such.

How does live betting work?

While the world of live betting can seem a little daunting from the outside, it is actually quite simple to get involved with. When a sporting event has begun, the live betting market will open up. Taking tennis as an example, when the live betting market opens you will be able to bet on next point, total points, next game, total games, games to deuce, set score, plus various other specialty bets. Football is also another live betting hotbed, so when that markets opens you can expect to see everything from next corner to total goals offered to you. However, looking at the live betting field it is clear that some sports are more appropriate for the market than others.

Why should you start live betting?

The answer to this question is pretty simple, as live betting presents players with something new and more importantly it provides players with something different. It will allow you to step into a betting arena that puts your analysis skills to the test, as you will be able to utilise live event action and match analysis to see if you can out smart the bookmaker during the course of a sporting event. A great example of when live betting really comes into its own is when you unsure of the outcome of event. Say you are going watching a football match, but you just can’t pick a winner before the game kicks off. Thanks to live betting you can hold off making your decision until the game begins and you can see early signs that can push you towards one side or another. But it isn’t just that, live betting also allows you to change your mind as you please. Is your chosen team struggling? Then no problem, as through live betting you can easily hedge your bets or switch allegiances on the fly.

Another big upside of live betting comes through redeeming losses. Where the event you’re betting on is time-capped, you can allocate a set amount of money for it. This means that should your pre-game bets falter you can make up for it through live betting. While it isn’t wise to overly chase pre-game losses, you can look to redeem them through live betting which is often a time-capped lower risk environment.

What live betting markets should I focus on?

When it comes to live betting you can’t just throw your money around aimlessly. If you truly want to make you live betting profitable you need put focus onto certain bet types. First of all, while it will be foreign to many, you need to take a long look at Asian handicap wagers. The whole purpose of an Asian handicap bet is to give one team a goal or half goal advantage. While in most instances a draw will see your stake returned to you, albeit at a sacrificed level of odds. Next up is a bet that is a personal favourite of many. Next team to score is an edge of your seat style betting market, but one that can offer up big rewards should your timing and reading of the game be on point. If you see that the home team is on top in a game, creating chance after chance, then why not back them on a next team to score bet and try your luck. The last live betting market you should focus on is ‘draw no bet’. Essentially it acts a similar fashion to a zero Asian handicap bet, which makes it perfect for when a favourite goes a goal down against an underdog.

How to I get started with live betting?

Live betting is modern gambling phenomenon and is well worth getting involved in. Starting your live betting efforts couldn’t be any easier. To get started you firstly need to find an online bookmaker that provides live betting markets, which shouldn’t be too difficult considering they are offered pretty much everywhere these days. Next you need to make sure you have an adequate bank roll, while you don’t need to have a fortune, you should at least have a few pounds to your name before you start placing bets. Lastly, you need to remember what has been mentioned in this guide. Combine all those elements and you will ready to go when it comes to live betting.