Finding the right sportsbook

“Bookies”, “bookmakers”, and “sport betting websites”, online sportsbook providers tend to go by different names throughout the world. While the names may change dependent on region and personal preference, what doesn’t change is the fact that online sports betting is an industry that is taking the gambling industry to new heights. The increased popularity of the industry, along with the innovation new technology has arguably made the industry grow at an unbalanced rate. This has meant that new online bookmakers seem to open and close almost on a monthly basis, which in turn has made finding the right online sportsbook a tall order. If you’ve been struggling to find somewhere to bet on the best sport action, or maybe you are just looking for somewhere new, then you have come to the right place. In this guide we will look at online sportsbook providers in general and detail what it is you need to look out for, both the good and the bad.

Stability and Financial Footing

The online gambling world maybe a $3 trillion dollar industry, but not every online sportsbook provider is getting a piece of that money. While every online sportsbook provider will preach about financial success, not many actually achieve it, which definitely creates issues surrounding player trust. Think about it like this, a bookmaker in many ways in like a mini-bank. It is a body that you trust to hold your money during the course of a wager and thus it should be able to return that money when you win. That is how financially stable online sports betting websites work, but not all fit this criteria. Before signing-up for anything you need to look for evidence that your chosen online bookmaker is financially stable. If the company is publically listed look at their financial records, if they’re a private company look at the company’s history and prior track record. Remember, an online sportsbook provider isn’t worth much if they can’t pay out when you win.


Sports’ betting is viewed differently throughout the world, which is why the line between legal sports betting and illegal sports betting has become blurred. You need to make sure that your chosen bookie is operating legally from a sports gambling regulated nation. Reason being that illegal sports betting puts you and your money at risk, while jurisdiction is in place to protect players. They have control over who receives a bookmaker license, along with enforcing strict rules and regulations with how they can operate. If an online bookmaker isn’t legally credible, then don’t gamble there.

Customer Support

Things can go wrong in the world of online sports betting and when they do you want to make sure that help is at hand. Any reputable online bookmaker in 2015 needs to work to take care of their customer base and this should be done through noted customer service options. First, all staff should be knowledgeable about both sports betting and the brand, while they should be responsive and efficient when it comes to answering any queries you may have. They should also be contactable through various different methods, with email, phone, and live chat being offered at a minimum. Lastly, customer support should really be available to you around the clock. Before making any decisions look at online user reviews and see what other players have had to say about the online bookmaker’s customer service.

Money Management

Let’s face it; sports’ betting is all about the money at the end of the day, which is why money management is an important thing to consider. Transferring money to and from a bookmaker should be an effortless act and you shouldn’t accept anything less. Money management comes in many different forms (ewallet, debit card, credit card, bank transfer), so you need to make sure that your prospective bookmaker offers the money management format you require. When it comes to money management just think choice and speed and you won’t go far wrong

User Interface (UI)

Websites comes in all different shapes and sizes these days and not everyone is going to be the perfect fit for you. When looking at an online bookmaker’s website and you begin to evaluate its UI you need to place focus on several different things. The website should have minimal loading times and a lightweight graphical interface that means it can be navigated quickly. It should also be reliable and secure, ensuring the safety and privacy of all members 24/7. Thankfully, in most cases you don’t need to register with an online sportsbook provider in order to get to grips with the UI. Simply logon, try it out, and if doesn’t feel “snappy” enough for your liking just move on.

Betting Markets

Arguably the most important element within any online sportsbook provider is the betting markets that they offer punters. Online sports betting is no longer the one-dimensional platform that it was 10 years ago, these days players want to bet on any and every kind of market, so as a punter you should accept nothing less than the chance to do so. What is being offered varies, but at minimum you should take a long-look at a bookmaker’s betting markets before you make any decisions. Ask yourself, do they offer football markets? Do the offer US sports markets? Do they offer niche markets? Do they offer special promotion events? These questions will reveal a lot about the markets offered by an online bookmaker.

Promotions, Bonuses, and Extras

These days, if an online sportsbook provider wants your business they should work for it. This will come about through the promotions, bonus, and extras offered to you. These perks are in many ways low-level bribes in order to entice you start betting, so they are definitely there to be taken advantage of. Look at what an online bookmaker will offer you to sign-up. Do you they offer you a ‘Welcome Package’? Do they reward big spending players? Do they have a ‘VIP System’? If you’ve answered yes to the aforementioned questions then you may have found the right online sportsbook for you.