Common Mistakes

You’ve decided to give the world of sports betting a try, you’ve found an online sports betting website that meets your needs, and you are ready to go. But before you do anything, hold on, as success when betting on sport takes more than just a brave attitude. It takes a cumulative set of skills and knowledge that help determine success. One of the key elements you must consider before embarking on any online sports betting journey is the pitfalls that may await you. Remember, successful sports betting isn’t just about what you should do, it is just as much about what you shouldn’t do. The following are the common mistakes associated with the field of sports betting and how you can avoid them.

Believing the hype

It happens to even the best sports gamblers at one point or another, the key is keeping such to a minimum. More often than not in the lead up to a sport event the media and public will expert an opinion with regards to who is the favourite. But not just that, they will promote such ‘pick’ to no end, generally selling that team or person above and beyond their actual ability. In general it reduces the value of the bet, yet many still through big money behind the ‘hyped’ party. More often than not hype can be deceiving, so bet smart and bet on your own opinion not that of others or the media.

Betting without strategy

Is there luck involved in the world of sports betting? Without question, but that isn’t all that sports betting entails. If you want to be successful in the world of sports betting you need to have strategy in mind. Instead of just jumping from market to market, you should be looking to focus in on certain kinds of bets and markets more than others. Build a plan and stick to it should you want to experience major sports betting success.

Betting without focus

You can quite easily compare the online sports betting platform to that of a sweet shop. As there are so many betting ‘flavours’ you can try at any one time. The key is understanding which of the markets on offer are best for you and focusing on them. You aren’t going to get anywhere by spreading yourself too thin, focus on markets you understand and on fewer games should you want to be successful.

Heart over mind

We all have our favourite sports teams and sports stars, and we all want them to win every time. It’s why we show up weekend after weekend to support them, but the reality is that no team, no matter whether they’re your favourite or not, will win every time. You need to take off your rose tinted glasses when you are sports betting and bet with your head instead of your heart.

Placing too much focus on winnings

Everyone who bets usually has dreams of huge wins. The dream is that a life-changing sum of money is only ever one single sports bet away, but a dream is all that really is. When it comes to sports betting you need to really focus on the long-term, instead of simply throwing your money by long shots in the hope of landing s big win. Next time you bet instead of focusing on the odds themselves try to look deeper to see the value within them.

Spreading yourself too thin

When you logon to a sports betting platform and select a popular televised football match market, you are going to see that there are more than 100 different bet types that you can make. It is very easy to get carried away and plough money into countless different bets, many of which you really have no business in making. It is advised that you stick to the basic bets, especially in the beginning. Keep to scorer, final score, and outright winner bets, before venturing out over time.

Not believing in yourself

You’ve done your match analysis, you’ve eyed up the odds, and you’ve made your conclusions. But there is still doubt and worry in your mind, so much so that you even contemplating changing your mind. Simply put, don’t do it. When you were putting your prep together you came to an informed decision and for good reason, whether it was because you knew something the bookie didn’t or found increased value, you settled on your pick. Always believe in yourself and don’t waver.

Stepping into the unknown

If you don’t know much about it then don’t bet on it. That sounds simple enough, but people betting on sports they don’t understand has become pretty common occurrence. For example, if football is all that you understand then that is all you should ever bet on. Stepping into the unknown and betting on what you don’t understand is a very risky move and should seldom be attempted.

All or nothing betting

The blame for the rise of all or nothing betting can be put down to the media in many ways, as it has popularised the big risk-big reward betting style. While there is an appeal to going “All-In” and trying to win big, it is more often than not a foolish more than destroys a punters bankroll. Those big wins may seem tempting, but the reality is much harsher than many will realise. Never ever go all-in on a single bet if you can help it.

Learn from your mistakes

You will make mistakes when you try your hand at online sports betting, at least in the beginning anyway. The key is making sure that you only commit the above sins on occasion, and that you don’t get too disheartened when things do start going pear shaped. When you do make mistakes learn from them and do your very best to make sure that you don’t make the same mistake multiple times.