Beginner’s Guide

Sports’ betting has in many ways taken over the world. It is a $3 trillion industry that is now truly global; as anywhere that sports betting is legal you can guarantee that there is millions of people doing it. While sports betting has always had its audiences within land-based bookmakers and in some places casinos, it wasn’t until the introduction of online sports betting that the popularity of the industry truly sky rocketed. In this guide we walk you through all that online sports betting entails, making sure you’re savvy enough to feel confident enough to place your first ever wager in the process.

Sports betting defined

When you get involved in sports betting, you are choosing to wager your money on the result of a sport event. The whole purpose of sports betting is to obviously turnover a profit, as no matter the bet type chosen the outcome is either win or lose. Sports betting during it formative years was a case of betting on the outcome of a match or game, whether that would be win, lose, or draw. While these bets are still as prominent as ever in the world of sports betting, they no longer stand-alone. When you visit your chosen online bookmaker (we will get to figuring out what that is later on in this guide) you will be presented with countless betting options across several markets. For example, should Tottenham Hotspur being playing Arsenal, you will find that there are various ways to bet on the game. First off, you can bet on the outcome, you could also bet on the first goalscorer, you could even bet on the number of corners or bookings should you wish. Looking beyond single game betting, you can choose to bet on a tournament outcome or maybe bet on the result of string games through an accumulator. These days, sports’ betting really is a genre of gambling that has endless opportunities. Unlike casino gambling, the odds do change, along with the events, so it can be argued that sports’ betting is the most exciting form of gambling in the world.

Finding the right online bookmaker

When it comes to online sports betting everyone tends to have different needs. From betting style to market choice, you need to find a bookmaker that offers up the betting environment you require. Finding the perfect online bookmaker isn’t always the easiest of tasks, but it can be made easier should you take the right steps. Before you register anywhere you need to understand the choices available. Put together a list of all the reputable online bookmakers that are of interest to you and start to look at their key features, figuring out how important they are to you. Try asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do they offer the markets I like?
  • Do they have a good customer support network?
  • Is the site user friendly?
  • Can I withdraw and deposit my money easily?
  • Does it have a minimum bet level that I can work with?

Answering these questions will allow you to evaluate a bookmaker’s suitability. After narrowing down your search to a small number of online bookmakers, you should start to look at independent reviews. This will allow you to get a grasp on how others see your online bookmaker of choice. Following this you should have all the information needed to make an informed decision.

Always start small

The world of online betting is simply huge, which means it is easy to lose your bankroll quickly if you’re not careful. It is advised that when you start wagering on sports that you start small. Resist the urge to go all-in on a particular outcome and cap your betting as much as possible. By doing this you can give yourself more time to adapt to the learning curve of sports betting, thus extending the life of your bankroll tenfold in the process.

Tracking your performance

When you choose to gamble online and want to be successful at it you need to be in it for a long haul. But not only that, you need to track your bets and take note of where your money has gone and when. By tracking your prior bets you can get a full-picture of your better history and see what moves you’ve made, both positive and negative.

Specialise, specialise, specialise

It sounds silly on paper, but you should always have a betting specialty. What this means is that you should have one sport that is considered to be your go-to market. By taking the time to specialise in a particular sport you can further educate yourself in what little intricacies within a set a sport can lead to victory. You will also be able to read formbooks and odds without the need for any additional help. Want to be a big-time player in the world of online sports betting? Then you need to have one particular specialty market in mind.

Be wary of exotic bets

They are huge element within horse racing, but they really are bets types that are only for the professionals. ‘Trifecta’, ‘Quinetella’, and ‘Exacta’ among various others are all popular exotic bets that the pros love. The problem is that without extensive experience under your belt, taking on these bets represents walking into no mans land. If you are new to the world of sports betting it is recommend you stick to the single outcome bet types.

Always bet for fun

If you want to bet on sports, you should only really do it because you enjoy it. Sports betting should always add to the fun of a sporting event and not take away from it. When the time comes to place your very first sports wager, as long as you remain patient and take note of what has been mentioned here in this guide, you may find that such bet is the first of many exciting and successful sports bet that you place.