Asian Handicap

In the world of online sports betting you are going to face more betting options than you’ll no what to do with. While there is no denying that the standard betting options can provide plenty of fun, it is the alternate bet types that can take your online sports betting experience to the next level. Amongst all the alternate bet types you can try, one stands head and shoulders above the rest. Asian handicap betting has in many ways become a genre all unto itself and in this guide we will break down the format, giving you a beginner’s guide to Asian handicap betting.

Asian handicap betting defined

What makes Asian handicap betting so appealing is that when it is utilised correctly it can work wonders in increasing your profitability. Looking at an example for argument’s sake. Lets say that Tottenham Hotspur is playing Arsenal in the FA Cup semi-final, you have Tottenham (as the outsider) as your bet and they go one-nil up. At the end of the game Arsenal get a 90th minute equalizer, ruining your bet. While you showed faith in the underdog and they got a notable result, you were left out of pocket. This is where an Asian handicap bet would have worked in your favour, as it could have led to you getting your money back no matter whether Tottenham had claimed victory or not. Here’s why, say that you’re on the betting screen for an Asian handicap bet on the same game, you might see Arsenal (-2) 1.75, Tottenham (+2) 1.95. The bracketed numbers refer to deficit, so for example say you had bet £10 on Arsenal you would have won £17.50, but had you bet on Tottenham you would have won £19.50, no matter whether Spurs conceded a last minute equalizer or not.

To summarise, an Asian handicap refers to a time or individual receiving a plus or minus score deficit prior to the event starting, with the odds being adjusted accordingly. Each type of Asian handicap bet is known simply by its handicap value, which the following will help explain.

Single handicap

What will you find when it comes to Asian handicap is that punters won’t ever be short of choice. Asian handicap bets have two forms and countless sub-forms; the following is a breakdown of the five common forms of Asian handicap bet.

Handicap Breakdown
0 You only win when your team wins outright, in the event of a draw you initial stake will be refunded.
-1/+1 If you back a team at a -1 handicap your chosen team must win by two clear girls or more. Should your team win by one goal then your stake will be refunded. If you back a team at +1 then you win should the team win or draw. Should your team lose by one goal then your stake will be refunded.
-1.5/+1.5 Based on a -1.5 handicap your team must win be two clear goals, anything other than this results in your losing your stake. Backing a team at +1.5 means than you win in all circumstances apart from when the team loses by two goals or more.
-2/+2 Betting on a team with a -2 handicap means that they need to win by three clear goals to win, and two clear goals in order to see your stake returned. Betting with a +2 handicap means that your team wins should they not lose by more than one goal, if they lose by two your stake will be refunded.
-2.5/+2.5 Same premises as -1.5/+1.5, except you need three or more clear goals to win, with anything less than that resulting in a loss of stake money.

Double handicap

When a double handicap bet is used it means that the wager being placed is split into two (or hedged). For example, if you bet £10 on Arsenal (-1/2, -1) 2.0 against Tottenham (+1/2, +1) 4.1 through a double handicap the bet will work out as follows. £5 will be on Arsenal at -1/2, while the other £5 will be on Arsenal at -1. Should Arsenal win the game 1-0, the initial £5 bet at -1/2 will win £10 at the odds listed, while my -1 bet will see you get your stake returned, resulting in £5 total profit. Double Asian handicap bets give you two chances to claim victory in a wager that has elements of an each way bet. Obviously, double Asian handicap bets give you the chance to win big, but level of risk involved is definitely heightened.

Right place, right time

There are plenty of big reasons as to why you should give Asian handicap betting a try, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a betting type suitable for all. What will appeal to most is the fact that Asian Handicap bets eliminate the draw aspect of a game. As should the game result in a ‘bet draw’ then the player receives their stake back. While they seem like “can’t lose” bets due to their nature, it is only recommended that those with expert punter status use them. If you are going to start Asian handicap betting it really is recommended that you have a specialty to your name as well. If you are looking to start Asian handicap betting yet you can’t say that you have an advanced knowledge of one sport over others then don’t start doing it.

Try something new

In the grand scheme of online sports betting, Asian handicap wagers are actually a fairly new phenomenon. It is only in recent years where Asian handicap bets have begun to really pick up momentum as far as popularity goes. They can be a very profitable tool should they be utilised correctly. Are you are armed with expert knowledge? Do you think you have what it takes to out-expert the bookmaker? Then Asian handicap bets could be the right type of wager for you.