6 Step Guide to Betting Success

We’ve all heard the stories of players winning big when it comes to sports betting. Whether it is the 500/1 long short or the all or nothing accumulator, these legendary tales have now become commonplace within the field. While every punter in their heart of hearts wants to the believe that they are only ever one wager away from winning a small fortune, the reality of the situation often turns out to be a little more harsh. The most common way to become rich through sports betting isn’t through all-in style bets and hoping that the outsider comes up trumps against the odds; it is through careful planning and strategy. If you are new to the world of sports betting, this may be the furthest thing from your mind, but it shouldn’t be. When it comes to sports betting it is all about getting the basics right and the rest will soon follow. The following is a 6-step guide to getting started in the world of sports betting and establishing a credible foundation for sports betting success.

Step 1 – Pick the right online bookmaker

The old phrase “different strokes for different folks” definitely applies within the world of sports betting. Every punter will have different betting needs, whether that is related to bet type required, market type required, or something different entirely. This can make finding the right online bookmaker a tall order at times. Finding what you need requires a little research and maybe a little luck, but should be considered an essential task largely as betting at an ill-fitting online bookmaker can often prove to be very restricting. Draw up a list of criteria, get researching, and only sign-up to an online bookmaker that can provide you with a level of service that you feel comfortable with.

Step 2 – Start small and manage your bankroll appropriately

When sports betting online there is every chance that you will only have a limited amount of money to bet with. While you may think that this is a bad thing, you shouldn’t, as when addressed properly a small amount of money can go a very long way. It is all about managing your bankroll appropriately no matter how much money you have at your disposal. It is always recommended that you start small when it comes to online sports betting. The big bets and massive accumulator specials may seem very tempting, but you have to resist such temptation. Look to play single outcome bets when you first start and keep your wagers small, this way you can iron out the inconsistencies of your betting strategy and adapt to the learning curve of the field. When the wins do start rolling in it is easy to get carried away and bet fast and loose with your bankroll. The art of staying profitable in the world of sports betting comes through managing your money. Creating a max bet percentage out of the money you have and stick to it, this will help preserve any money you win and extend your bankroll tenfold.

Step 3 – Track your movements

The sports betting field can feel a little bit like the Wild West at times. The action is fast and furious and it is easy to get caught up in the furor. Smart punters know that in order to really stay on top of what you are doing you need to track your movements, along with the bets you make. By doing this you can see exactly where your money has gone in the past and where it will go in the future. Most online bookmakers have a bet ‘Bet History’ option within the ‘My Account’ section; through this you should be able to see the bets you’ve previously made. Taking this one step further there are also several pieces of software that can track your bets for you as you make them, but there is nothing wrong with using the old school pen and pad method either.

Step 4 – Develop a specialty

As time progresses, sports betting should become less and less about trying the field and more about sticking to one particular market. The key is finding a sport that will become you betting specialty. By having a betting specialty your success rate across the board will only increase. Reason being that you will be able to utilise your knowledge and have the ability to do in-depth game analysis to outsmart the bookmakers. Want to start making serious money when sports betting online? Then make sure you develop a specialty sooner rather than later.

Step 5 – Stick to what you know

One thing is guaranteed when you logon to an online sports betting website, that being that you will always have choice in front of you. New events, new markets, new bet types are constantly being promoted and it is always tempting to try your hand at them. The problem is that by doing so you are putting yourself and your bankroll at risk. When it comes to sports betting you need to stick to what you know and steer clear of any market or bet type that feels “exotic” to you.

Step 6 – Have fun

Sports betting should always be seen as something that adds an increased level of fun to a sporting event. It should work to further the thrills and spills on show, but if it doesn’t you need ask questions of why you are betting. If you feel you are betting with solely money and profit it mind, you may need to revaluate you reasons for betting. Betting is and always should be a fun activity, if it stops being fun and you feel compelled to bet, we suggest that you walk away.

What are you waiting for?

When it comes to fun and fast thrills, no form of gambling can even come close to online sports betting. The markets are ever changing, which means the field always maintains a fresh feel. If you’ve caught the online sports betting bug, then by following the aforementioned steps you may be able to turn your fun pastime into a serious moneymaking venture.